Getting it together

We spent a bit of time at this week’s rehearsal polishing up our two pieces for Cabaret Arabia this Saturday. We are going to dance ‘Esmerim’ and ‘BomBom’. 

Esmerim is a Said Mrad techno piece with a good beat and a nice tune, the dance is a classic style veil dance. This was a new piece for the troupe last summer (I say new, it was re-worked from a class dance we did a few years ago with some nice formation changes) but we didn’t get the chance to perform it as often as we would have liked as our early summer outdoor gigs were quite breezy and that is *not* a good thing when dancing with a veil! 

So we thought it would be nice to give it another outing and we also felt that the Cabaret Arabia crowd would appreciate something with a quite classic feel to it.

BomBom was a hit for Sam & the Womp in 2012 and is a piece of music that just cries out to be danced to. It has proved very popular whenever we dance it and we danced it pretty much everywhere in 2013 – we are taking it to Cabaret Arabia so they can enjoy it too. In fact we don’t see any reason to stop dancing it any time soon, so expect to see it again at a gig near you during 2014!

Then we spent some time working on our new piece – we are loving it for the music and the ideas are flowing well, although this week we hit a few technical difficulties. Because we are playing with a new and different idea there are some things that will take a little working out so its probably going to take us a couple of weeks of trial and error to get the whole thing sorted – and its going to be a lot of fun too.

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