Putting the ‘Boom’ into bellydance!

Todmorden Bom Bom finale

Boomshanka Tribal Bellydancers dance our own unique style that we like to call ‘British Tribal Fusion’ bellydance; a mix-up that draws on the influences from Zehara and the Urban Gypsies and the varied experience of our members in traditional Egyptian bellydance, Tribal Fusion, street dance, African dance and other world styles. Add in a little bit of alternative culture, along with colour, energy and innovation.

It is also a *lot* about having fun, we love what we do and that is what gives us ‘Boom’!

Rachel wedding

We are a performance troupe with experience of all kinds of events – weddings, birthdays, charity shows, community festivals, music festivals, dance festivals, beer festivals, variety shows, club nights, theatrical productions. Our regular community shows in Sheffield include Heeley Festival, Stannington Carnival, Nether Edge Farmer’s Market and Chance to Dance but we can seen at all sorts of places.

If you would like to book the troupe please drop us an email to :


Let us know what sort of event you would like us to perform at, the location, date and time and how long a performance you require and we will contact you to discuss expenses and details such as the venue/performance space and sound system.

Heeley 2 tums

Learn to Bellydance?

We run one weekly class, on Thursday evenings,  7.15pm – 8.15pm, in Hillsborough.

It is a friendly, lively class taught by Cis and suitable for all. Egyptian technique basics and beyond, learn the basic moves, learn variations and layers, learn how to put the Boomshanka twist on them. Learn to put them together and dance and then, if you want to, perform at haflas (bellydance parties) and community events.

Classes are held at The Memorial Hall on the corner of Forbes Road and Walkley Lane (at the bottom of Walkley Lane, behind the Rawson Spring pub and close to Hillsborough Bus Interchange and tram stop), postcode is S6 2NW. The hall is close to public transport links and also has a car park.

Classes cost £24 for a block of six or £5 for a single session – it is usually fine to drop in to a class but if you want to check that the class is on or you need more info, then contact us on boomshankatribal@yahoo.co.uk or call 07979 685071.

Heeley with Bella Shimmy

Why do we call ourselves ‘Tribal’?

For years women have danced together and for each other and they still do! Over time, Bellydance has travelled across the globe picking up influences and developing along the way.
The first ‘Tribal’ style – American Tribal Style (ATS) or Improvised Tribal Style (ITS) – originated from the United States. ATS/ITS bellydance is a particular form of the dance based on group improvisation and looking to natural materials for costuming and adornment. This is different from the glitzy, solo ‘Cabaret’ style we usually associate with bellydance. In many ways it goes back to the roots of the dance – that is dancing together and feeling part of a group or community.

‘Tribal Fusion’ style bellydance takes some of the moves and feel of ATS/ITS and mixes in influences from many other types of dance. It is also often danced solo or choreographed. That’s a bit more ‘us’, we like to mix things up!

Boomshanka are a community, a group of good friends. Our dancing is choreographed rather than improvised but it is about dancing together, as a group, or tribe. We generate our energy from each other and support each other.



5 thoughts on “Putting the ‘Boom’ into bellydance!

  1. gypsy chi Morris says:

    Id like to join your class in Hillsborough please x im romany n used to dance but recently had cancer n my world had been turned up side dwn n had to have a hysterectomy and since despite eating very little my weight has ballooned by 4stone im depressed and my confidence is at zilch x come n save me.lol x I haven’t danced belly dancing but I used to dance gypsy x I have pure silk skirts so im 1/4 way there x look forward to hearing from you xxx

  2. gypsy chi Morris says:

    I would really like to join your class please x do I just turn up on Thursday? X

    • Hi there, you would be very welcome to come along, the class is open to all levels of experience, including beginners and it is very friendly.
      I think you may have tried to contact me by phone this week? I have left you a message in reply but do try me again if you need more info or directions for finding the hall. It is usually easiest to catch me in the evenings, after 5pm.
      Cis x

  3. gypsy chi Morris says:

    Thank you mega excited x I’ll pop along on thurs to the Hillsborough class x

  4. Jasamine says:

    Great first class.. Really enjoyed it! Looking forward to next week. Thanks!

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